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    The new DVD is out! Dynamic Haunted attraction scares is finished and ready to ship! 2 hours of great info!
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Allen Hopps
is an imaginative designer, actor, and sculptor who is driven by an incredible passion for the Haunted attraction industry. Well known for "thinking outside of the box", Allen is constantly looking outside of the Haunted attraction industry for products and techniques that can be adapted or remade to fit the need of Haunted attractions.

Actor training
 We now offer...
 Dynamic Haunted house acting
 Dynamic haunted house acting 2
 Dynamic airbrush Make-up
 on site Actor training (contact for prices and scheduling)

Masks / Costumes - Allen has been making masks for over 15 years. Latex masks, fabric masks and even silicone masks!  All of the costumes and masks we list are ready to go. If it is listed then it is ready to ship. We do not take orders. We make it, then we sell it. We will never be a deadbeat vendor who takes money and does not follow through. This concept will allow us to produce quality costumes with out deadlines that cause corner cutting. This practice has come about by our love of making new creations and our hatred of production work.

Services- Stiltbeast Studios provides a number of services to the Haunted attraction industry. From actor training via personal appearance and lecture, to make up demos, and Haunted attraction consultation.


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